Facebook Advertising

With Facebook and our partnership you’re able to reach a very targeted audience and receive instant traffic, leads and sales. This post is to showcase just a few of the Ads we’ve created for Facebook.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is not just a buzzword thrown around at networking events. You need to understand the types of digital marketing at your disposal.

Influencer Marketing

Creating a new website or taking your current website and building traffic can be difficult. However, with Influencer Marketing, if you do it right, you’ll get instant traffic to your site and you’ll increase your followers / subscribers.

Local Landing Pages

Creating local landing pages may be one of the best methods in growing your lead source in a local, targeted area. This post will overview exactly what to do and how to do it so you’ll be ready to create a better local marketing plan (in relation to search marketing). Ranking better in the SERPS […]

Using Social Media to Improve SEO

With Facebook at over 1 billion members, Twitter with 645 million members, and Google+ passing the 300 million user mark, it’s evident social networks are a great place to connect with consumers. And although social media has many marketing benefits in its own right, it’s also a powerful SEO tool. [rs-space space=”35″/] [rs-divider type=”solid” brd_width=”1″ […]

Social media marketing is constantly changing, and recently many of the changes have been at the hands of Facebook. Last year, the social media giant shocked everyone with the new Timeline layout and now it’s making waves with the introduction of Graph Search. If you want your business fan page to reap the benefits of […]

It seems investors and some of the more tech-minded consumers were a little underwhelmed by Facebook’s recent release of Graph Search. It’s true, on the surface Graph Search looks like just a slightly different, not extremely innovative search engine, but if you dig a little deeper you can see its potential to revolutionize how people […]

Perhaps Facebook heard people murmuring that the network wasn’t “cool” anymore* and decided to prove them wrong, but whatever the reason, the launch of its new feature, Graph Search, does indeed seem pretty cool. What is it? Graph Search allows you to search for very specific things within your own social connections (a.k.a graph) as […]

The Perfect Landing Page

Online marketing is an industry that’s constantly in flux, but due to recent evolutions in technology, SEO, web design, and people’s habits it can seem like some changes are happening at breakneck speeds. This is especially true in regards to landing pages, which have had to adapt to the multitude of internet-capable gadgets while keeping […]

Companies like Google, Bing, and Yelp have been doing it for years, but now Facebook has decided to get in on the local search action. They’ve incorporated local search into their already existing “Nearby” tool — a move that has left many wondering if there’s any pie Facebook doesn’t want a piece of. How’s nearby […]