Facebook Advertising

With Facebook and our partnership you’re able to reach a very targeted audience and receive instant traffic, leads and sales. This post is to showcase just a few of the Ads we’ve created for Facebook.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is not just a buzzword thrown around at networking events. You need to understand the types of digital marketing at your disposal.

Old Spice

We love advertising… put better: we love GOOD advertising. You know, when it’s done right and you think “ah yeah, now that was done right.” So already, this early in the year we’ve seen two commercials that have really stood out and we thought we’d share em.

Successful marketing has always included making regular connections between a business and its target audience. But thanks to advancements in technology we no longer have to send out hit-or-miss mailers or make cold calls, and even the days of blanket online ads are a thing of the past. Now, thanks to data collection services like […]

Launch Anything

It’s not often that I love a blog post so much that I summarize it and link to it but this is it. If you have any desire to ever launch something this post will you really help you, you could even use it as a guide. This Post Serves as a Guide and Summary […]

Good Web Design

In many ways, marketing is as much about human psychology as it is about actually selling stuff, and no one understood that better than the “father of public relations,” Edward Bernays. Bernays is the reason bacon and eggs is considered the quintessential breakfast, why we think most doctors recommend Ivory soap, and why, after a […]

The Value of Building Your Website for Mobile

For small business owners it can sometimes feel like your online marketing demands never end. There’s your website, a myriad of social networking pages, and now you’re feeling the pressure to add a mobile version of your site to the mix as well. If you’re an established business, sometimes embracing these new technologies can seem […]

Given that your Quality Score effects how high your bid needs to be in order to have your ad appear, having a good Quality Score can be key to having a successful PPC Campaign.  Quality Score is Google’s way of of measuring how relevant your ad is to people searching on the web.  It is […]

(Videos) Real Life: What Bad Web Practices Look Like (from Google)

Operating a business in a digital world presents a new range of customer service challenges and, despite good intentions, you might be unwittingly making things difficult for your customers. Thanks to Google, you can see how some of these scenarios translate into “real life.” Although funny to watch, make sure you’re not inflicting such torture […]

Google AdWords Quality Score

Quality Score Basics Understanding how quality score works and how to maximize your quality score is imperative to successfully advertising through Google AdWords. Quality score is important because it works as a metric for Google to measure the relevance of your ad to the users who search for your keyword. The quality score of your […]