Facebook Advertising

With Facebook and our partnership you’re able to reach a very targeted audience and receive instant traffic, leads and sales. This post is to showcase just a few of the Ads we’ve created for Facebook.

Banner blindness has most businesses giving up on the “ad at the top of the page tactic,” and looking at more invasive, hard to disregard strategies such as: Placing ads over the content (obscuring text until the ad is closed) Putting ads in the middle of the page (interrupting the content) Using “splash screens” (displaying […]

What is a slide deck? Well, if you’ve spent any time in a classroom or in business meetings then you’re likely all too familiar with slide decks — the ever-present slideshow (usually PowerPoint) clicking along behind the teacher or speaker. Slide decks’ relationship with academia and boring meetings have many online content creators steering clear […]

PPC Explained

  When you hear the term Pay Per Click, what generally comes to mind?  It might be the word “scam”, or “ineffective”, or perhaps “confusing”.  What should come to mind, is “opportunity”.  With a proper understanding of how Pay Per Click works it can be a powerful tool to generate targeted web traffic for your […]