WordPress' Native Video Player - Video Media Embed

WordPress’ Native Video Player

We recently had a request from a client to use WordPress’ native video player (media embed). To be honest, even though it’s been around since WP 3.6 (August 1, 2013), I had never used it. We always recommend using Wistia, or at the very least Youtube or Vimeo. I started my search of learning how […]

Custom WordPress Framework

Custom WordPress Framework

Think of the Spark Logix Studios’ Framework as the most comprehensive theme builder on the planet. Most Content Management Systems (CMS, like WordPress) are built in a manner to be the starting point of a web build. They typically require a “theme” or a “template” to get started on a design. With WordPress, every website […]

Providing a Website Development Brief

Providing a Website Development Brief

Often times the project brief doesn’t get the attention it deserves. To avoid miscommunication and conflict it’s best to iron out each and every knowable detail before work on a website build begins. The project brief (if done right) will be the most valuable reference for the organization’s management team and the design and development […]

Why We Don't Use Captcha

Why We Don’t Use Captcha

Captcha, the bane of spammers and website users alike.  I know everyone has experienced the joys of squinting at their screen trying to decipher the arcane letters and shapes so that they can leave a comment on their favorite blog explaining why anyone who things the Dr. Who spin-off series are canon is as foolish […]

WordPress, Drupal & Joomla

This post simply showcases (with real numbers) the growth, interest and use of WordPress, Drupal and Joomla (three open source Content Management Systems).

How to Use WordPress: Beginner

How to Use WordPress: Beginner

WordPress was built as a blogging platform for all skill levels. It then turned into a Content Management System enabling businesses to create websites that are easy to manage. Now, WordPress is turning into a full compliment to every website concept imaginable and will continue to become more robust and secure. It’s built for easy […]

Design Notes for Agencies Working with Spark

Your agency has made the decision to allow Spark Logix Studios to develop your client’s web presence. If your group is providing mockup artwork to use, this will serve as your guide in understanding best practices for design preparation for development with Spark. [rs-space space=”35″/] Complete & Customized Framework Spark Logix Studios has spent years […]

Add a Blog Post in WordPress

How to Add a Blog Post in WordPress

Adding a blog post in WordPress is about as easy as sending an email. Once you understand the basics you’ll be well on your way to creating your first post. Luckily WordPress makes managing websites easy and at the core of that ease is creating a page or post. Use the WordPress editor to write/create […]

Local Landing Pages

Guide to Increasing Local Leads (Landing Pages & Posts)

Creating local landing pages may be one of the best methods in growing your lead source in a local, targeted area. This post will overview exactly what to do and how to do it so you’ll be ready to create a better local marketing plan (in relation to search marketing). Ranking better in the SERPS […]

What’s new with WordPress 3.9?

VIDEO: What’s new with WordPress 3.9?

As you may already be aware, using WordPress is one of the best choices you can make when determining the right CMS for your website. Why? Cause so many people are working collaboratively to make sure it’s always updated, fresh and relevant. As you can see here at the WordPress release archive there have been […]