Front End User Experience Design Checklist

Front End User Experience Design Checklist

If you’re an Agency sending work to Spark Logix Studios and are providing all design assets for development, here’s a little group of checklists to help you. When provided, these lists will enable us to quickly take into account your exact requests. [rs-space space=”45″/] [rs-box_content style=”basic_block” txt_color=”#333333″ bkg_color=”#f5f5f5″ bkg_opacity=”1″ brd_color=”#ccc” brd_opacity=”1″ link=”” new_win=”no”] Understanding What’s Needed […]

Search Engine Optimization

On-Page Optimization

We often get asked the question about Search Engine Optimization and what’s included when we build a website. About 4 years ago we stopped offering full service (off-site) optimization. What exactly does that mean? We don’t build linking relationships, get sourced backlinks or offer reports in relation to ranking and relationship management. We build WordPress websites […]

Create an Image Background with Foreground Content

[rs-column_bkg img_url=”” bkg_color=”#1e73be” bkg_opacity=”1″ img_position=”center center” img_location=”fixed” img_repeat=”no-repeat” padding_in=”15″ txt_color=”#ffffff” link_color=”#000000″ link_hvr_color=”#333333″ class=””] [rs-space space=”65″/] Shortcodes are Fun! This is a fixed background image with foreground content. [rs-space space=”65″/] [/rs-column_bkg] I’ve been meaning to get moving on creating posts that illustrate examples of how to accomplish page design elements in an easy to follow tutorial. […]

How to Unlock a Transferable WPEngine Install

How to Unlock and Transfer a Transferable WPEngine Install

Use this easy to follow step-by-step tutorial and see how easy it is to unlock and transfer your WPEngine transferable install to another WPEngine account.

eCommerce Categories vs. Attributes

eCommerce Categories vs. Attributes

Understanding the difference between categories and attributes when setting up your eCommerce website is vitally important (if you want the User Experience to be just right).

Effective Website Collaboration Tool - Basecamp

Effective Website Collaboration Tool: Basecamp

When it comes to website development, Communication is King.  If a Client doesn’t have a way to reach out to the development team at all hours, and accurately communicate their needs, everything falls apart.  Phone calls can be great, but invariably things are missed, or misunderstood, or forgotten.  With written communication, both the Client and […]

Adding a Product WooCommerce

Adding a Product to WooCommerce (VIDEO) + Screenshots

A simple video + screenshots to showcase how simple it is to add a product using WooCommerce. WooCommerce is an eCommerce Plugin for WordPress and currently powers 25% of ALL eCommerce sites worldwide.

Google's Responsive Website Algorithm Update

Google’s Responsive Website Algorithm Update

The ever present question… How do I rank my website to be in the first position on Google when someone does a search for what I offer? There are a lot of methods but today the algorithm has shifted in one very specific way. [rs-space space=”55″/] [rs-box_content style=”basic_block” txt_color=”#333333″ bkg_color=”#F5F6FA” bkg_opacity=”1″ brd_color=”#ccc” brd_opacity=”1″ link=”” new_win=”no”] […]

Website User Experience Questions

Website User Experience Questions

Understanding UX before building a website can really help the project come together nicely and with limited to no frustration.

BuddyPress Extended Profiles

BuddyPress Extended Profiles

Each BuddyPress User has the ability to manage their own User Profile (and adjust what is displayed). As an Admin you will control what is required and what may be shown. This is a feature of BuddyPress that’s built right in. This post will help you understand how to use and manage the BuddyPress Extended Profiles.