Using Google Calendar for my Athletic League

This article assumes you are already using a Calendar with events for the entire League. This article is to inform the user how to create team calendars, share permissions, and make those calendars public for everyone to see. To create a new team calendar, just follow these steps: 1.) At the bottom of the My […]

Top 10 Resources for Logo Inspiration Right Now

Logo design inspiration helps develop a sense of purpose and direction. The logo realm is ever adapting and visionaries around the globe are vying to showcase their work. It’s highly unthought-of to disregard the trend and go it alone. Here, we’ve compiled the best and most inspiring logo references on the internet. These are listed […]

Obtain and Activate a USPS Web Tools ID

External Shipping Calculators: Automatically connect with USPS so that your shopping cart is always using the most current rates.

How To Pick The Right Web Designer

It’s obvious, a cheap website isn’t the best way to make money or spread a message. Creating a brand identity online will take time and effort. Having a professional design your website will only make the transition and process easier and save you money in the short and long term. Identify the Fake Web Designers […]

Gmail As A Universal Email Account

You may already know how great Gmail is. You may even have several Gmail accounts, in addition to company emails. You may need to login to different websites, using different logins for each account. And you may hate that. But Spark Logix Studios can offer a solution to that hassle. Along with every website we […]

The Case Against Intro Pages

Intro pages, or splash pages, are those flashy pages you may see when you visit a website. It’s the first page and usually has a loading bar or some sort of interactive content. While this may seem appealing at first, there are reasons why these intro pages should be avoided. These reasons can be broken […]

The Benefits of WordPress

If you have an ounce of computer savvy, the WordPress system will be easy to use. If you’ve used Facebook, or if you’ve sent an email you’re likely the right candidate for WordPress. You won’t be writing any code, we do that. We also design the site to fit your style and purpose. We’ll code everything just right, design everything to look the way you want it to, and stand by for technical support help.

Click Your Heels

Three times and you’ll be home Dorothy. Your first step in creating the right website starts with our discussion of needs, wants, and direction. We’ll make you feel right at home by answering questions and being available. You’ll tell us how you want your site to look. If you’re not sure, we’ll take your message […]

An Overview

We build WordPress websites, the most effective CMS, small business tool. Effective because the website is search engine optimized, it’s easy to update content, there’s hundreds of features, and you’ll have us to help with technical support. Tell us what you want The first thing you’ll do is tell us how you want your site […]

Productivity and Promise

There’s nothing better in business than working with people you like. You’ve got a mission, you’ve got goals, and you’re interested in moving another step in the right direction. While moving in the right direction is a good thing the same can be said about the navigation and direction on your website. One of the […]